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Neighbor offers his thoughts on Villager’s Democratic philosophy

To the Editor:

“If you want freedom, start with letting women make their own health care choices and quit banning books as well as the words ‘climate change.’”
This is the last sentence in Bob’s letter. Full disclosure, Bob is my neighbor. Nice people, but his politics, not so much. There is not one thing in his last sentence that’s true. Women ARE free to make their own choices. Roe was overturned because it was a bad decision. Even the democrat poster child for the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said it was a flawed decision. All this decision did was turn abortion over to the states. There was no ban.
What books are being banned, Bob? Books were removed from grade schools that showed graphic pictures of gay sex and one book that presented instruction on how to engage in deviant sex. Totally inappropriate material to be in any school’s library let alone a grade school. If you are against this then maybe you support pedophilia, too.
Finally, I know of no one anywhere that is trying to ban the words climate change. Climate change happens. It happens daily, weekly and monthly. It’s been happening for thousands of years. It will not end the world. What this administration is spending on it is a colossal waste of taxpayer money. When Carter was president all we heard was that a new ice age was imminent. How’d that work out.
So, Bob, before you rag on the Republicans and repeating tired, old talking points, remember you are doing so from inside your glass house.

Robert Daniels
Village of Largo


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