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Villager gets break in court in fierce battle over dead man’s home

Sooksiri Rittirucksa
Sooksiri Rittirucksa

A Villager has gotten a break in court after a fierce battle over a dead man’s home resulted in her arrest.

Sooksiri Rittirucksa, 72, had been arrested on a felony charge of burglary Jan. 13 at a home at 611 Juanita Court in the Village of De La Vista North.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the felony burglary charge she had been facing has been reduced to a misdemeanor count of trespassing.

The home had been purchased by William Bartlam Lowe in 2006. A decade later, Rittirucksa’s name was added to the title. It is not clear what the nature of the relationship was between Rittirucksa and Lowe, who apparently died in 2017.

His death set in motion a protracted legal battle between Rittirucksa and the heirs to the Lowe estate. Legal documents infer that she resisted efforts to move out of the home and that she attempted to sabotage its sale, even though she was clearly promised 50 percent of the proceeds of the sale.

Weeks after her arrest, the house was sold for $118,500.

The battle in civil court had gotten so acrimonious that Rittiruckas was declared a “vexatious litigant.”

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