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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Villagers housing children can’t hide forever

To the Editor:

Everyone signs the document that you have 30 days to house anyone under 19 in these homes! You read it Virginia, and signed it just as I did and the homeowner in Linden. Just as the people in DeLuna, their baby was born, their 30 days are counting down. Everyone thinks they are exempt because of their situation! I’ve got news for them all, they are not!
The couple in Linden could have rented an apartment for their daughter, and have avoided all of this, but chose not to! The couple in DeLuna that now have a baby that think they are exempt because parents own the home and they just reside in it, are going to be very surprised in 30 days when the parents have to start paying daily fines so they may continue to live in that house! Break the rules, pay the price. It’s not a free ride here, and you can’t hide from the authorities, they will find out also!

Candice Reimers
Village of DeLuna


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