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What do the Democrats do now?

Tita Dumagsa
Tita Dumagsa

For three and a half years now, since Joe Biden took office, snippets of Biden’s glaring gaffes, questions about his mental acuity, spaced out demeanor, speech and body language that were classic signs of DEMENTIA were discussed extensively in the alternative media and played out on our television screens if we cared to watch, but were always squashed and angrily debunked by the mainstream media and Democratic operatives, denounced as conspiracies!

But on Thursday, June 27, the CON GAME and GAS LIGHTING all came crashing down. The bold faced lies came to a screeching halt that NO SPIN and cover-up were possible at all. The jig was up, i.e., the dishonest action of those in the know in Biden’s own family, White House and campaign staffers, advisors, Democratic political operatives in Congress and the Senate and the power brokers in the highest echelons of the Democratic Party was UNCOVERED and could no longer be denied nor hidden!


For years, we have been hoodwinked to believe that Biden was robust, sharp as a tack, a great strategist with a photographic memory and so on. Of late, when the questions got louder about Biden’s mental acuity and more photos that pointed to a dramatic decline in his mental and physical health, the Press Secretary, called those reports and videos, FAKES and firmly stood her ground that Biden is fit to serve another 4 years and categorically denies he has dementia.


But, then, the historic CNN GREAT DEBATE happened. 51.3million viewers saw for themselves the unvarnished truth of the Biden that was in severe mental decline, unable to cogently and coherently answer questions or put meaningful sentences together, often lost his train of thought, unblinkingly staring into space with his mouth agape, mumbling, fumbling ,incoherent, and frail with a raspy voice. All these after a solid week of debate prep sequestered in Camp David with 16 advisors! His handlers put out the word he had a cold halfway into the debate.

Biden lost the debate in just the first few minutes when he lost his train of thought for a long stretch of time and finally said “We finally beat Medicare!” which was totally irrelevant and nonsensical. There were many other instances during the debate where Biden appeared weak, lost, frozen and seemed to forget his rehearsed lines. Some say he was over prepped.

He even claimed that no soldier died during his watch. He seemingly had forgotten about the 13 soldiers who died during his disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan and the three soldiers who died in the Iranian US base attack in Jordan, 16 in all!. Imagine how the families and veterans must have felt!

In contrast, President Trump was disciplined, calm, collected, focused and on point. He exuded strength, confidence, appeared presidential and gave a hopeful closing message to the nation.


• There was much hand wringing, expressions of shock, dismay, and disappointment by the cable media, Democratic operatives, Biden supporters blaming Biden for the Debate debacle and many calling outright for him to step down as a candidate. Trusted Democrat leaning newspapers blasted Biden in unison calling for him to drop out of the race for the good of the country and the Democratic Party. The Democrats were in a total panic mode and disarray over the prospect of a Trump victory in November.

• To me, this was TOTAL HYPOCRISY because all these people must have known of the obvious decline of Biden all this time but chose to cover it up for their own gain.

• Biden’s family too, especially his wife, Jill Biden now being called the ULTIMATE ENABLER, must have known the truth about Biden’s mental acuity problems but refuses to let Biden to stay out of the race. She told Joe that they should not let 90 minutes decide his political future.

• There are calls to invoke the 25th Amendment which Is the removal of a sitting President who is no longer fit to serve the office BUT DOES NOT WANT TO STEP DOWN, as in the case of Biden. The Vice President will step in but this requires a vote by the Cabinet or Congress .

• Many Democratic donors are now asking for a refund of their donations to the Biden Campaign.

• As of this writing, there are now 25 members of Congress preparing to call on Biden to remove himself as a candidate before the Democratic Convention on Aug. 19-22, 2024.

• There are 6 names being bruited about as possible replacements for Biden during the DNC Convention where an OPEN NOMINATION process is suggested. In addition to Kamala Harris, they are the following Governors: Gavin Newsom, CA, Gretchen Whitmer, MI, Josh Shapiro, PA, JB Pritzker, IL , Andy Beshear, KY, and Pete Buttigeig, Transportation Secretary,

• But in this age of DEI (DIVERSITY,EQUITY,INCLUSION) that is the MANTRA of the Democratic Party, there will be WAR among its ranks if Kamala Harris is replaced by a white male person. Additionally, the Democratic Party is in a serious pickle when it comes to Biden’s massive Campaign Chest if he steps down. His campaign funds now stands at $285 million The Federal Election Commission Laws regarding this makes the direct transfer of funds to another candidate very convoluted, almost impossible. Harris though, since she is already a part of Biden’s campaign, if Biden drops out, can continue to use Biden’s campaign funds.


The ELECTIONS of 2024 is a the most CONSEQUENTIAL ELECTIONS OF OUR LIFETIME! There is too much at stake for our county especially in the areas of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION (Almost 20 million in 2024 and the 73, 838 + DEATHS FROM FENTANYL) due to our OPEN BORDERS , FOREIGN POLICY (The wars in Ukraine and Israel/Hamas), CRIME and the ECONOMY. We are on the precipice of a THIRD WORLD WAR. America’s enemies, such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea also watched the debate and saw how weak and feeble our President was. They are now emboldened. That’s why our bases in Europe are on high alert after the Debate! If we’re not careful, we won’t even have a country! Let’s also put a stop to the weaponization of Government especially the Justice Department to harrass political opponents and incapacitate them to get them out of the way.

So, dear Readers,Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, please vote in November and vote wisely. We need to change the direction of where we are now for our safety, our well- being, our prosperity and the future of our beloved USA! WE NEED A FUNCTIONING PRESIDENT and not someone whose strings are pulled by a PUPPET MASTER. After watching the Debate, you might want to ask: WHO HAS BEEN RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Certainly not Joe Biden from the looks of it! .

Tita Dumagsa is a resident of the Village of Fenney.

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