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Using causes for political gain

Feigning support for various causes is the main method politicians use to increase their political power and control. Normally, the cause is either manufactured or artificial and thus illegitimate. One example of the manufactured kind is creating the cause following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” book” that was dedicated to Lucifer, the first radical that won his own kingdom (at least temporarily). That was and is being accomplished by identifying some difference in wealth, power, status or recognition between two groups and then exploiting that difference to create animosity of one group toward another group. This is basically Marxism.

Currently, CRT, DEI and BLM are being employed in the same way to reverse the current earned wealth and power structure established under an equal opportunity ethic to steal and reverse that structure based upon an equal outcome “equity” ethic that assumes that everyone deserves the same thing. Certainly, the bible doesn’t teach that everyone is going to heaven. The parable of the talents teaches that the talent was taken away from the one with less and given to the one with more based upon his performance under an equal opportunity (equality) ethic.

Basically, Marxism is the M.O. of a Community Organizer and also that of Barack Obama. They/he didn’t organize the community to work better together and have closer relationships. Just the opposite, they would rub the racial grievance raw. He supported the violence of blacks and leftists to get their votes. You would think if he actually cared for the black people, he would donate personally to black institutions and live amongst his brothers. He actually lives with rich white elites. Arthur C. Brooks wrote a book titled “Who Really Cares” that proves that the political left is the least compassionate and charitable toward others. Consequently, they are the ones that only pretend to care about specific groups for political purposes.

The other type of cause is artificial. Global Warming/Climate Change is the best example. The need to reduce our carbon footprint to save our planet is fundamentally bogus. In addition, it is completely anti human and anti-American. They want to hamstring America when we, in reality, are actually the best stewards. China is the worst and nobody is putting tough restrictions on them. The availability of high energy fossil fuels is the salvation of mankind. They make products and services that take the drudgery out of life.

Limiting their use is the biggest evil that could be perpetrated on mankind. It is even more devastating for third world countries that are trying to modernize and have a good life. They are even liquifying carbon dioxide and burying it in the ground. It is the fuel for all plants, trees and our entire food supply! Even at current levels, everything that grows is being starved for carbon dioxide. That is a good plan to depopulate the earth and make life miserable for its inhabitants.

The alleged “greenhouse gas” causing global warming is completely bogus. Water vapor in our atmosphere is typically 20 times the concentration of carbon dioxide and is also a “greenhouse” gas. Nobody is trying to reduce water vapor. The Global Warming/Climate Change hoax is basically reverse science. They identify a potential concern that needs global governance and then try to justify that bad science by creating false data and cherry-picking other data to support the false science. The people that really care about other people groups or our planet are those that are actually doing something personally to help other people or actually do things personally to help the environment. You don’t see those leading the “save the earth” campaign promotors actually limiting their personal jet travel, selling their multiple mansions or their SUVs.

We need to expose their concern as pretense and their solution as bogus. They are employing earth worship as the foundation of their alleged concern. We need to proclaim God worship and understand that God’s creation of the earth was and is for us humans that are made in His image.

Bill Nitardy is a resident of the Village of Sunset Pointe.

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