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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

We need the Barnstorm Theater to reopen

To the Editor:

We enjoyed the Barnstorm Theater and despite the fact there is streaming for homes going to the movie was a day or night out usually combined with shopping or a meal.
Old Mill Playhouse is a very uncomfortable tight squeeze seating area and does not get our business. Leesburg AMC is benefiting with the profits that The Villages could if they were fair to the residents who enjoyed.
going to the Movies in Brownwood by reopening..Consider this, many people here do not do abundant physical activities possibly due to health issues but being able to join friends for a movie and a stroll around the square
has been removed for unreasonable concerns. How thankful this villager is for Leesburg not shutting its doors with the excuse of “Streaming” being the cause.
Please reconsider your thoughts on doing something for the people who spend their hard earned dollars living here by returning a much missed option, until then we will continue to spend our meals and shopping out after enjoying our movies at the Leesburg AMC.

Beverly Albert
Village of Sanibel


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