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Vote for Trump will begin dismantling of our democracy

To the Editor:

To be an informed voter, it is imperative to watch, read and learn all you can about the people running for office. Recently, I decided to read all 920 pages of Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s vision for the next conservative administration. It is a blueprint for a White Christian Nationalist country.
While most of us would agree that our federal government is bloated and needs to be reviewed for redundancy, this should be done by our elected officials, not by a think tank with an agenda. Realigning government to function better is not a bad thing. However, realignment of government to serve a portion of our population and corporations at the expense of the rest of America is tyranny.
If you are one of the many who gloated at the attack on women’s rights, don’t think they are not coming for you, too. The social safety net that has lifted millions of Americans out of poverty will be gone. Rollback of workers’ protections and rights will be gone. Hurt on the job? Too bad. Senior citizens will slide back into the poverty that their grandparents knew. Project 2025 is one of the most frightening documents ever written.
Every aspect of your life will affected by Project 2025. Nothing has escaped their attention. End of life decisions will be controlled by the conservative state. Ten states currently offer assisted suicide to the terminally ill. Rigorous criteria are in place to assure this decision is made by the patient and their family. The conservative state will take away your right to choose and require that you die in agony from uncontrollable pain.
This is a really simple letter, but I am asking you to read Project 2025 over the next few months before election day. Your vote for Trump will begin the dismantling of our democracy. Your freedoms will not escape this attack. They are coming for you, too.

Diane Yates
Village of Virginia Trace


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