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Veteran fears what Trump cult could do our nation

To the Editor:

This is my first Letter to the Editor and, yes, I am apprehensive.
I just watched President Joe Biden in a Wisconsin rally. My opinions are that he alone is the best foot forward to be the president of our country.
As a veteran (Jan. 18, 1962 – May 17, 1966) I proudly served in the U.S. Navy. There is no way that I could ever support a person that has called those who gave their lives “suckers and losers.” Yes, he has said, “I did not say that,” however I will take the word of a five-star general, who has served his entire life, over Trump.
More than 14 Trump appointees have dispelled this person from ever holding office again. ALL were appointed by Trump.
Another thing that scares me is he stated, he will pardon those that beat police officers and then did not react when the vice president was in peril, with chants to “Hang Mike Pence!”
Is this what we have become as a nation? I sure hope not!
I am 79 and it scares me big time that a person has come to change our entire form of government. This person is a total phony that has created a “CULT” who follows him blindly. I truly feel sorry for those that are so easily willing to except that he “WILL” forever change our form of government. Sure there are some good people that just haven’t opened their eyes to him yet and see the damage that he can do.
Think about this here in The Villages where there is a large population of folks that are 81 or above. Are you all feeble? No. I will listen to someone of that age first before I listen to a “cult member” …. or a convicted felon.
I’ll finish that I absolutely LOVE our country and would stand by President Joe Biden for another term, despite his age.
One last thing, unlike most I will monitor this post, read the replies and answer any of you that have differences.
I have and never will worry about my opinions and I hope that you do not as well.

Phil Burt
Village of Woodbury


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