61-year-old man arrested in theft of beer, candy from service station at Pinellas Plaza

Reginol Gene Stone

A 61-year-old man was arrested in connection with the theft of beer and candy from a service station at Pinellas Plaza in The Villages.

Reginol Gene Stone, of Wildwood, entered Clark’s Pump-N-Shop at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and concealed a 24-ounce Steel Reserve can of beer and king-sized candy bar in his clothing, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department.

A clerk was familiar with Stone due to previous incidents involving the theft of merchandise, the report indicated. She went outside and confronted Stone, who came back inside and paid for the items. He then left.

An officer made contact with Stone down the road.

Stone was arrested on a charge of petit theft and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center. Bond was set at $500.

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