70-year-old Villager to answer in court after theft of woman’s wallet at Spanish Springs business

A 70-year-old Villager will have to answer in court after the alleged theft of a woman’s wallet at a Spanish Springs business.

The 45-year-old woman, who works at Villages Golf Cars at 900 Avenida Central, said her wallet was taken on Sept. 10 from the garage area of the business, according to an incident report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

A customer she recognized, Daniel Viscardi, was identified on security surveillance footage as he was seen taking the wallet from a shelf and concealing it in his pants. The wallet contained $180 in cash, a Visa card, a SunTrust bank card and her Florida’s driver’s license.

Police went to the man’s residence on Madero Drive and made contact with a woman who said Viscardi rents a room at the home. Officers were later successful in tracking down Viscardi and informed him they had surveillance images of him stealing the woman’s wallet. He admitted to taking the wallet and said he “was not sure what he was thinking,” according to the report. He claimed he discarded the wallet in a dumpster behind Publix.

Viscardi was issued a notice to appear in court to answer to a charge of theft.

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