89-year-old Villager thrown from golf cart after pulling into path of automobile

An 89-year-old Villager was thrown from a golf cart after colliding with an automobile after pulling into its path.

Helen McClinton of the Village of El Cortez had been driving a golf cart at 12:30 p.m. Monday when she ran a stop sign at the intersection of La Plaza Parkway and Bichara Boulevard and pulled into the path of a four-door Honda sedan driven by 66-year-old Janice Rose Lessard of the Village of Amelia, according to an accident report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

Emergency responders were at the scene of the collision in which an 89-year-old Villager was injured.

McClinton suffered facial and shoulder injuries when she was knocked from the golf cart. She was transported by ambulance to The Villages Regional Hospital.

McClinton was also ticketed on a charge of violation of right of way.

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