91-year-old Villager’s golf cart stolen on Mother’s Day at grocery store

A 91-year-old Villager’s golf cart was stolen on Mother’s Day at Winn-Dixie at La Plaza Grande shopping center in The Villages.

The woman, whose children live far away and could not visit on Mother’s Day, went to the grocery store Sunday afternoon to purchase Florida Lottery tickets. She was in the store for about 15 minutes.

When she came out, she could not find her 2008 Par Car in the parking lot.

A man noticed the resident of the Rio Grande Villas walking around the parking lot. He asked if he could help. She said she couldn’t find her golf cart. Another man joined in and the trio walked the parking lot several times. No luck.

The woman, who moved to The Villages from Michigan in 1994 with her late husband, contacted the Lady Lake Police Department.

The golf cart is brown and had a license plate on the front that said “I Got Leid,” according to an incident report from the police department.

The Vehicle Identification Number is P4SF4-4ZG0275.

If you have information about the stolen golf cart, contact the Lady Lake Police Department at (352) 751-1560.

The woman indicated she also has an automobile.

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