AAC chairman says amenity deferral rate will require thorough discussion

Carl Bell
Carl Bell

The chairman of the Amenity Authority Committee said any change in the deferral rate for amenity fees will require a thorough discussion.

The AAC, which represents Villagers north of County Road 466, and the Project Wide Advisory Committee, representing Villagers south of County Road 466, are planning a joint meeting next year to discuss the deferral rate, which is currently capped at $155 per month. No Villager pays more than $155 per month in amenity fees.

The current rate for all new homebuyers, whether a new home or a resale, is $145 per month.

The payment of amenity fees is required through the contract Villagers sign at the time they purchase their homes. Amenity fee increases are based on when the home is purchased and when the contract is signed.

PWAC, in particular, could be facing a loss of future income because of the deferral rate. In Fiscal Year 2019-20, 31,464 Villages rooftops will be maxed out at $155.

“The south amenities fund is losing more money than the north,” Budget Director Barbara Kays said.

AAC Chairman Carl Bell echoed that sentiment, and said PWAC needs an examination of the deferred rate more urgently than the AAC.

“The question is what will the deferred rate be?” Bell said.

He noted that his prevailing rate was $99 per month when he bought a home in The Villages 24 years ago. Increases based on the Consumer Price Index have boosted his monthly rate to $140 per month.

Many homeowners north of County Road 466, particularly longtime homeowners like Bell, are not near the deferral rate.

“We need to understand this and deal with it at a more detailed level,” Bell said.

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