Access to Gores Landing boat ramp limited during removal of hurricane debris from Ocklawaha River  

Removal of Hurricane Irma debris from the Ocklawaha River will limit access to the Gores Landing boat ramp, 15698 NE 152nd St., Eureka, for approximately two months.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has started the process of removing debris and fallen trees from the Ocklawaha River, a process known as clearing and snagging. Contractors for FDEP are staging at Gores Landing, with heavy equipment entering and leaving the park hauling debris throughout the day. Residents may not be able to access the boat ramp during this time, but the rest of the park is open as usual. Alternate boat ramps are the Eureka Boat Ramp, 15698 NE 152nd St., Eureka to the north and Ray Wayside Park, 9560 NE 28th Lane, Silver Springs to the south.

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