Amenity Authority Committee agrees to pay for addition at Rio Grande Family Pool

The Amenity Authority Committee on Wednesday agreed to install a chairlift at the Rio Grande Family Pool.

Dean Brown, of the Village of Mira Mesa, who uses a wheelchair, made the request. The former YMCA swim instructor said for him, the closest pool with a chairlift is the Hacienda Sports Pool.

“I personally would like a chairlift at every pool, but we have to live within a budget,” said AAC member Ann Forrester.

The cost of a chairlift is roughly $9,000, said Recreation Director John Rohan.

Newer pools in The Villages have chairlifts, but older pools were constructed at a time before chairlifts were required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The AAC agreed to immediately move ahead with the chairlift at the Rio Grande Family Pool.

The AAC, in an upcoming workshop, will discuss long-term planning for the addition of more chairlifts at swimming pools north of County Road 466.

After the meeting, Brown, who moved here from Ohio, expressed his gratitude to the AAC. He added that he hopes chairlifts will be installed at more pools.

Earlier this week, the Project Wide Advisory Committee agreed to install a chairift at the Largo Adult Pool after hearing from a resident with MS and his wife.

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