Belle Glade Country Club bandit appeared to have been on downward spiral

Brian Christopher Davis

A longtime server in The Villages who allegedly attempted to rob a former co-worker appeared to have been on a downward spiral.

Brian Christopher Davis, 33, of Oxford, was arrested Tuesday afternoon after a standoff of several hours at a home at 373 Alteza Lane in the Village of LaBelle North.

During negotiations with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, Davis pledged he “wasn’t going back to jail.”

Davis knew the drill at the country clubs in The Villages having worked for them for several years. Most recently, he was employed at Havana Country Club.

He was recognized by the Belle Glade Country Club manager who had walked out after midnight carrying the night deposit. The two struggled for nearly 90 minutes before Davis fled on foot with the money from the restaurant.

Davis’ serious trouble with the law began in 2011 when he was living at 7887 SE 167th Burleigh Place in the Village of Calumet Grove. He was charged with burglary and stealing a vehicle. He ended up serving a year in state prison.

Brian Davis with Holly Kelmar and their young child.
A tattoo on Brian Davis’ back depicts Jesus on the cross.

A time of tranquility appeared to come during his relationship with Holly Kelmar, who was employed at Evans Prairie Country Club in The Villages. She died in a tragic car crash in 2016, leaving behind two small children she had with Davis. He landed back in the Sumter County Detention Center later that same year after violating his probation.

An attack on his mother this past Christmas at the Villages of Parkwood landed Davis behind bars yet again.

He was free on bond and due to appear this week in Sumter County Court. A bail bondsman reportedly had been looking for Davis.

On Tuesday, Davis was booked into the Sumter County Detention Center at 4:37 p.m. and charged with robbery. His bail for that charge was set at $50,000, but his overall bail is listed at $75,500, which indicates more charges are forthcoming.

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