Belleview eatery shut down by health inspector for second time in three weeks

For the second time in less than three weeks, a Belleview restaurant has been temporarily shut down by a health inspector.

Cal’s Place, located at 11007 SE 66th Terr., was closed Oct. 22 after an inspector found three violations at the eatery. The most egregious, labeled as a high priority issue – and a repeat violation – involved roach activity inside the establishment, a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation states.

Cal’s Place, located at 11007 SE 66th Terr. in Belleview, was shut down by a health inspector Oct. 22 for violations – the second time the eatery has been forced to close this month.

The inspector reported finding two live roaches in a crevice inside a cabinet at the server area and another at the dish machine area. The issue was corrected on-site when an employee killed the roaches and cleaned the area.

The restaurant also was cited with intermediate violation for having milk in a reach-in cooler that had been held more than 24 hours without a proper date mark.

The third issue, a repeat problem labeled as a basic violation, centered around two dead roaches found under the dish machine. Like in the other roach violation, an employee cleaned the area and corrected the problem on-site, the report says, adding that the restaurant reopened the following day after the health inspector returned and found no violations.

Cal’s Place also was forced to closed on Oct. 5 when a health inspector visited the restaurant and found seven violations – three of which were listed as high priority issues. Those violations centered around roach activity, cold food storage temperatures and chlorine sanitizer in the dish machine not being a proper minimum strength.

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