Bridgeport at Lake Miona residents win right to pay to restore their water view

After a long, difficult battle, Village of Bridgeport at Lake Miona residents have won the right to pay to restore their water view.

Final approval of a deal is likely to come Thursday at a meeting of the Sumter Landing Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

Resident Lawrence White appeared on Monday morning before the Project Wide Advisory Committee on behalf of himself and his neighbors in the Lake Miona/Black Lake Wetlands and Buffer Area Conservation Easement.

He indicated that he and his neighbors are prepared to pay initial costs and continuing maintenance as part of a maintenance plan approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The initial project is estimated to cost $100,000.

Residents have described pristine waterfront views they enjoyed when they purchased their homes a decade ago. Over the years, the homeowners’ views were diminished by overgrowth. A few years ago, someone apparently got so frustrated that an illegal removal of trees occurred.

PWAC member Dennis Hayes, a Community Development District 8 supervisor, thanked White for taking the initiative.

“It sets a model for us for other areas,” Hayes said.

Other homeowners have complained about their diminishing water views, including residents of the Haciendas of Mission Hills who live on the shoreline of Lake Sumter. 

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