Busy signals, no patrols during power outage in The Villages

To the Editor:

We found out after the aftermath of Irma,  that an uprooted tree is the cause of the power outage in Summerhill. Neighbors were all trying to contact SECO about the power outage, however we were constantly met with a busy signal. One of my neighbors finally got through and said it could take up to 2 weeks to get power back. One of many questions is why we were met with so many busy signals from SECO to report an outage, why do they not have computerized system like many others to gather information? Another question is why is not the VCDD neighborhood watch or the sheriff’s dept. patrolling this area more especially in the evening, as I have been outside now since darkness fell and yet to see some type of patrol?

Brian Kochanski
Village of Summerhill


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  1. Claudette Catanese says

    I hate to disagree with you, Ann, but I don’t believe Irma will meet the “vast degree of devastation” that Andrew was. I moved to Miami in 1962 and lived in the Old Cutler area near the bay. I lost a concrete block home and everything in it, plus two fairly new cars. Because Andrew destroyed my life as I knew it, I have the statistics from that storm.
    -1.4 million without power for WEEKS
    -65 related deaths
    -category 5 when it came inland
    -17 foot storm surge
    -cost $26.5 Billion in 1992
    -destroyed 25,524 homes and damaged another 101,241
    -90% of mobile homes destroyed,only 9 out of 1,176 spared
    -3,300 miles of power lines down
    -3,000 water mains destroyed
    -82,000 businesses lost
    -160,000 Miami-Dade residents homeless

    As of Monday, Irma caused less than 2 million without power. Perhaps you can enlighten us with further statistics to justify the vast degree of destruction.

  2. Maryanne Fearn says

    This post just turned into a bunch of old hens bitching at each other. Ladies….. grow up!! We should all be thankful that we were spared from this horrendous storm. Priorities???

  3. Rob Michaels says

    Judith Cunningham, you are spot on!

    I am dumbfounded as how a post complaining about a loss of power turns into a smear fest within minutes. The sniping in a non political post illustrates how far afield we are from constructive dialogue.

    I’m sorry Brian is without power, but I’m much more concerned about my friend in Jacksonville who lost the whole first floor of her house to flooding. Please, with all the REAL damage and suffering throughout the lethal paths of Harvey and Irma, keep some perspective and empathy for those suffering or who suffered death.

    • DianaLantana says

      You are a 100% right Rob! We are sitting in our comfortable homes and arguing over such silly stuff! Sorry again! Just so sick of LiZa’s negative comments.

      • LiZa Adkison says

        TROLL Diana, what i posted>>>which was directed to the thread and the letter written, was a JOKE… you, AGAIN, of all people, who just loves to BORE US WITH YOUR STUPID, UNFUNNY jokes, should have appreciated that… instead ,YOU started with the snarking and sniping and stupidity… i said nothing negative, spoke only truth… YOU, are the one that has posted a gazillion NEGATIVE things about our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J, TRUMP, yet you have the gall to say you are sick of my negativity??? i’m quite confident sales of pepto bismal and dramamine increased GREATLY during your hey day of negativity about him… so, if you had any sense any all*, you would shut up, but i know that ain’t gonna happen *(cuz you DON’T)

  4. Ron Irwin says

    We had a patrol last night by Community Watch in Polo Ridge which is the same that patrols Summerhill. They only patrol each village once per shift and three times a day. To patrol all of the villages in their patrol area it takes the driver 6 to 7 hours and racks up approx. 60 – 70 miles per shift. The past few days they may have not been patrolling due to the high winds and blowing ☔️ the same for the Fire Department. The sheriff was probably on a limited patrol also.
    Not being critical just trying to explain the way they were working the last few days.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Ron, you are probably correct… i just know, back when i moved into my home (in 2006), a “MODEL CENTER” was at the end of my street, and homes were still being built on the streets around me… the neighborhood watch cars came down my street every 30 minutes on the hour and the half hour… i am assuming/guessing, they are doing the same thing at the current “MODEL CENTERS” and construction areas… perhaps they have changed, perhaps not

  5. DianaLantana says

    Hey LiZa, do you realize how much money you could raise if you started a “Go Fund Me” account to move out of The Villages. Have a heart woman and a little compassion from you will go a long way.
    You might need aid someday from the Morse’s or The Villages. I am sure they are not keeping score but in your case I wouldn’t blame them if they did.
    God, are you like this 24/7? Try being nice to people and encourage people instead of insulting and stepping on them.
    I know you are going to say you don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about you. That is your right. It must be lonely living as only one among us. You can change that in a heartbeat if you wanted to.

    • Colleen Loiselle says

      Diana, kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. Try being nice to people? like you were to Ed, making fun of him because his wife passed away. Priceless!!

      • DianaLantana says

        Colleen I attacked Ed when he attacked me first and everyone else. You on the other hand have a tendency to jump in anyone’s post with no adgenda at all. Name me anyone else I attacked without them attacking me first? I did not make fun of his wife passing away, and I told him if he felt that way I apologized to him.
        Why are you defending LiZa? Tell me 10 good things about her. You are the type of poster than tags on everyone else’s post without contributing to a conversation with anything from your own mind. Why is that?
        God, I must be bored and have been in the house way too long if I feel as though I have to address your posts.
        Really, tell me 10 really nice things about LiZa and I will really consider each one with an open mind.
        I will start you off.
        When you see her on the street she looks like a very nice older woman with a beautiful smile. See, I can say something nice. It’s a start. Your turn.

        • Colleen Loiselle says

          So Diana, you attacked Ed about his wife passing away because he attacked you first? And that makes it okay? You’ve attacked plenty of other people on here but the most despicable one was about Ed. You can justify it in your mind but not in mine. As far as LiZa, I have nothing to say to you about her. I like her, you don’t. Your post is so childish, really tell me 10 nice things, blah, blah, blah. Excuse me while I puke. Normally I don’t respond to anything you put on here but the hippocracy was more than I could stand.

          • DianaLantana says

            Wow ! You do have a a little backbone, not much. I apologized to Ed and he was a 100% right in his reaction to me.
            At least I found one nice thing to say about LiZa. Come on you should be able to say something nice to say about LiZa! Have you ever met her or you just really agree and like her posts? If you are really her friend you should be able to say something nice about her.
            Ok, here is another one. I know she loves her family and she never talks bad about her husband so I am going to assume that she has made a happy marriage and homelife for her husband.
            Come on your turn!

          • LiZa Adkison says

            Colleen, please don’t feed the TROLL… next she will be asking to play TRUTH or DARE… Diana is very childish… now she has all these wonderful things to say about me, after libeling my name, ranting on here for 3 weeks of me going around with a gun banging on neighbors doors… please ignore her foolishness…but do note, after all of her pointless posts, she never once addressed the letter/subject at hand>>>along with Rob, Judith Cartwright, NOT Cunningham (Rob), and Henryk… THEY want to talk about what THEY want to talk about, especially the posters

          • Ann Eggleston says

            Good point, Colleen. Her talking about Ed’s wife was a new low for everyone. She apparently apologized. Yeah–that makes it all ok. Not quite, DianaLantana. Whomever you are.

        • Colleen Loiselle says

          There you go Diana, Floyd, a so called man, after your own heart. A man with the same amount of courage as you who doesn’t want anyone to know who he is because he is so sick and twisted. You two should definitely meet or maybe you are already a couple.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      you know TROLL DianaLantana, if ANYBODY else had said what you just posted, it might have some credence… but YOU??? YOU OF ALL PEOPLE??? if anyone had any doubt that you are off your rocker or under the influence, now they will know, beyond the shadow of any doubt… ever heard that line about people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones??? it was sooooooooo nice while you were gone, thanx for coming back with a splash

      • DianaLantana says

        Only because I am bored LiZa. I did say something nice about you didn’t I? I am waiting for your friends and other posters here to say something nice and positive about you. I just said something nice about you, that’s a start isn’t it. Let’s pass it on to other people. Keep it nice LiZa! Try to be positive! Don’t insult everyone!

  6. LiZa Adkison says

    Brian, to answer your last question, they are busy PATROLLING and WATCHING the construction areas… remember the Morse family cannot afford to pay for the security in these areas… perhaps we should start a “go fundme” site for them

    • Judith Cartwright says

      Never in my life will I understand why you remain in The Villages. You are the epitome of malice and discontent. The majority of the people here really appreciate all the opportunities available to us and I, for one, do not care how much the Morse family makes, as long as they continue to provide as they have in the past. Maybe you should be posting how blessed we all are. To have suffered no more damage than we did. Have you any concern for the devastation others have suffered?

      • LiZa Adkison says

        Judith, “Never in my life will I understand why” you people do not comment on the subject at hand… instead, you just snark on the posters… did you bother to even read the letter to the editor??? you should check with russo to see if you can get a seat at the MEAN GIRLS lunch table… because that is all she and her group does… if you had any reading comprehension skills, or a good memory, you would know i have affirmed what the Morse family has done that is fair and right…and there is a lot of that… but if you think they are perfect, and have always done things ABOVE board, and have not made some bad judgments, then you are either very new here, or very naive

        • Judith Cartwright says

          Not new here, been here 17# years. I was going to respond to original post but decided to contain myself. Anyone who could be that upset that SECO phone lines were busy following a hurricane that left 13 million customers without power could never understand common sense. Or that he thinks SECO doesn’t know who is without power…. let me just stop here before. I get my “panties in a wad ” as they were this AM.

          • Claudette Catanese says

            Judith, I don’t believe it’s a matter of common sense. I lost EVERYTHING I owned in Andrew and weathered 5 other hurricanes and a tornado (in TV) here in Florida. Being without power is not only uncomfortable but it hinders your ability to recover. Mostly, you sit there waiting until you can saw that tree that fell on your roof.

            FP&L and SECO have not learned a valuable lesson. All people who are calling them want to know is when will I get power back. They should post on social media their time tables for restoring power. I’m sure they can find other ways to reassure their customers.

            Surely, we feel we have been blessed and we. do have empathy for others not so fortunate. However, sometimes just venting helps you cope with your situation…..no need to put anyone down.

          • Ann Eggleston says

            Good comment, Judith. And, Claudette, they have power trucks coming from everywhere. Im sure as soon as they know they’ll inform the public. It’s hard to timetable something like this not knowing how severe each job is or how long it will take to complete it. This wasn’t a local event. This was the entire state. I’ve been here 17 years, too. And never has there been this vast degree of devastation and so many millions without power. Most storms are more localized.

        • Paula Russo says

          Liza….you have an unhealthy fixation with me and the mean girls table. I didn’t even jump in on this rant session, but again you felt the need to drag me thru the mud. Such a hateful cruel woman you are. Stick to the subject at hand and leave me the hell alone!

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