CDD supervisor likens Morse bridge problem to plot line of soap opera

A Community Development District supervisor on Thursday likened the embankment erosion at the Morse Boulevard bridge to the plot line of a soap opera.

CDD 7 Supervisor Jerry Vicenti drew the comparison in a report to his fellow supervisors from a Project Wide Advisory Committee meeting earlier this week. Vicenti represents CDD 7 on PWAC which has long wrestled with the bridge issue.

“It’s like a soap opera,” Vicenti said.

Like any good soap opera, this one has the audience on edge with a suspensful cliff hanger.

The water level at the bridge is being lowered, work that will likely take nine months. New pumps were installed earlier this year to speed up the process. The water has been high at Lake Sumter since Hurricane Irma last year.

“It seems like it keeps going up,” said CDD 7 Supervisor Mark Gallo.

Once the water level comes down, an inspection into the state of the erosion can be performed.

A previous estimate for a rock revetment project at the bridge came in at $1.7 million. Vicenti warned that the estimate is at least a year old and the price could go up.

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