Community Development District incumbents glide to re-election

Steve Brown
Donald Hickman

Two Community Development District 9 incumbents won re-election Tuesday night to their seats.

Steve Brown won 70 percent of the vote to retain Seat 5, fending off challenger Lee Linn. Brown represents CDD 9 on the Project Wide Advisory Committee.

Fellow incumbent Donald “Smoke” Hickman defeated challenger Vince Czajkoski by about 500 votes.

Community Development District 5

CDD 5 Supervisor Jerry Knoll is on the mend from hip surgery.

Community Development District 5 incumbent Supervisor Gerald “Jerry” Knoll captured more than 70 percent of the vote Tuesday night, easily outdistancing his opponent, Charles Vaughan.

Knoll was the only CDD 5 supervisor to have drawn an opponent.

Knoll will hang onto Seat 2 for another four years.


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