Darrell’s Diner wins unanimous approval from committee in Lady Lake

A proposed Darrell’s Diner won unanimous approval Wednesday from the Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee in Lady Lake.

The diner would be part of Teague Plaza to be located on 1.63 acres at 1124 Teague Trail (which is also County Road 25.) The new building, to include six apartments upstairs and a diner on the lower floor, would be built behind homes on Tarrson Boulevard on the Historic Side of The Villages.

The committee on Wednesday considered a conceptual landscaping plan for the building, which included a pair of minor waivers. Town staff had recommended approval of the waivers.

Committee members acknowledged that residents of The Villages have previously expressed concern about the project, including the diner’s hours of operation.

The man pushing the project, Lawrence Breech of T-Lynne Properties, told the committee the hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

An 8-foot wall will be constructed between the diner and The Villages.

Committee member Nora Choquette made the motion for approval of the landscaping plan, noting that if residents have concerns about the project, they will still have an opportunity to express their concerns to the full Lady Lake Commission.

The plan received unanimous approval.

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