Doberman placed under home quarantine after biting Villager at local golf course

A Doberman was placed under home quarantine after biting a Villager at a local golf course.

The 75-year-old Village of Mallory Square resident had been golfing on the morning of Nov. 27 at Hole #5 at the course at the Lakes of Lady Lake when an eight-month-old Doberman puppy named Charlie got loose and began running circles around the Villager, according to an incident report from the Lady Lake Police Department. The Villager said the dog accidentally “nipped” him in the rear of his right leg. He added that the bite “was very minor” and the dog was not being aggressive. He did not want the dog’s owner to get into trouble.

Lady Lake Animal Control tracked down the dog’s owner, who was not aware of the dog bite. He said a side door was left slightly ajar, allowing the dog to escape.

The dog’s owner signed off on a home quarantine agreement.

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