Dog owner issued written warning after pooch poops on neighbor’s lawn

A dog owner was issued a written warning after her pooch pooped on her neighbor’s lawn.

A woman who lives in Spring Arbor Village provided a written statement and photos of the feces on Monday to Lady Lake Animal Control. She said that the two dogs that live next door, a Yorkie named Pebbles and a 14-year-old Poodle named Shadow, run loose and defecate on her lawn on Crabapple Lane.

“She stated that she was not able to get a photo of the dog doing the action, but that she did witness the incident,” according to a report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

The woman described the incident with the dogs as an “ongoing issue.”

The dogs’ owner told the animal control officer that the dogs had been tied up in the backyard. When her husband went to bring them inside, he discovered one of the dogs had gotten loose. She denied that it is an “ongoing issue.”

She was issued a written warning and required to provide proof of rabies vaccinations.

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