Drought forces water agency to extend water restrictions through July 31 in The Villages

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has extended the Phase I water shortage restrictions through July 31 and the water shortage restrictions now encompass all of the water district, including all of The Villages. The restrictions include the following;
• Lawn watering is limited to twice per week.
• Lawn watering days and times are as follows
o Lawn watering must occur before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
o For days and specific times for home in The Villages, please refer to www.thevillageswaterwisdom.com/irrigation-schedules
• Hand watering and micro-irrigation of plants (other than lawns) can be done on any day and any time.
The state water management agency for the area, declared a Phase I Water Shortage that was effective March 10 for portions of Lake, Marion and Sumter counties and including The Villages. The Phase I declaration was put in place to inform the public to be aware of the shortage and to practice water conservation. Putting a priority on water conservation will help to protect our precious water resources.
SWFWMD and The Villages recommend year-round water conservation. For more information about ways to conserve water visit WaterMatters.org.


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  1. Roger Wright says

    I too think it’s like the lunatics are running the asylum. Someone in the know tell me and others who to start writing/talking to. They just keep taking from those of us already here!

  2. Alex S. DePersis says

    Are these the same idiots that approved an application from a bottling plant that employs 3 people to withdraw 500,000 to 979,000 gallons of water a day from our aquifer? And soon they will be increasing our water rates “in order to reduce demand”. Remember this debacle the next time you go to the poles to vote. I assure you, I will. It’s all about politics, power and money. The County Commissioners and managers have to go. And, of course, remember the Governor who won’t be running again is the one who appointed the executive director of the agency that approved the above referenced contract. The next Governor needs to take a position on this matter during his/her campaign. I’m going to vote for the one that sides with the people!

  3. Jim Meyer says

    Twice a week? I have been watering once a week for the last eighteen months. Yes, my lawn doesn’t look as good as my neighbors, but I’d rather be able to have enough to drink and bathe than worry about whether my lawn looks green.

    • Thomas Lauterborn says

      How can our local governments approve a water bottling plant in Sumter County when every time we have a drought there are water retrictions
      And, approving more homes as well!

  4. Don Baldwin says

    How many new houses did they approve? 30,000? At an average of 400 gallons per home… That’s 12,000,000 gallons per DAY added to an already strained system.

    It’s time we fire the corrupt people who approve these new developments without adequate water supplies.

    You people scream and moan over the bottling company when these new houses will use almost 25X more water per day.

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