Free Big Brother Big Sister Mentor Orientation

Our Mission: To provide children facing adversity with professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships that will change their lives for the better, forever.

Can’t make the time above, call Karen for a personal one on one orientation, or invite me to speak at a group you belong to.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ve created two unique programs to become a Big in your community. Learn more about our Site and Community based programs to fit within your needs below. You can change the life of a child giving only 4 hours a month of your time.

COMMUNITY This program is only 8 hours a month on your schedule.
This program allows you the opportunity to pick up your Little Brother or Little Sister at the child’s home and spend time engaged in activities you both enjoy in the community. Outings can range from going for a walk, working on arts and crafts, taking a bike ride or watching a sporting event. Through partnerships, our agency also provides free or reduced-priced tickets to our Bigs and Littles to various events in the community. In the Community-Based program, volunteers spend at least eight hours with their Little each month, typically in the evenings or on the weekend.
•Big Couple: where a committed couple can mentor a Little Brother together, sharing the responsibilities and commitments while also serving as an example of a happy, healthy relationship.
•Sports Buddies: where we match a Big and a Little who share a love of playing and watching sports. We have great partnerships with our local teams and can often offer free tickets to our Sports Buddies.
•Foster care: where we match a volunteer mentor with a child who has been placed in foster care.

SITE-BASED This program is only 4 hours a month,
In this program, volunteers meet with their Little Brother or Little Sister one hour a week at a nearby school or after-school site. (Check with your employer; some businesses encourage staff to volunteer by offering to pay for volunteer time.) We ask for volunteers to commit to at least 12 months in this program, but most stay in the program nearly twice that long!