Frankie Brin 70’s wins Seminole Stars and Stripes Slugfest

The Frankie Brin 70’s Softball Team (FB) played in the Stars & Stripes Slugfest in Sanford on July 7 and 8, 2018.

FB won a bracket in the 65 Division Age Group with a record of 4-0.

The tournament games were all played on Sunday, July 8, as rain on Saturday made the fields unplayable. All teams on Sunday played four games of one pitch, 30 minute time limits.

On Sunday, FB defeated ITC Death & Taxes 9-5; Mello Financial 65’s 15-0; Top Choice 14-5 and Business of Brevard 12-6.

Leading hitters for FB were Paul Preuit .889 (7RBI’s); Ed Krisha .875; Darrel Smith .800 (7 RBI’s, 5 dbls); Charlie Pope .800 (5RBI’s); Pat Perkins .778 (6 RBI’s, 3 triples); Carter Honkonen .750 and Ralph Hollis .700 (1 HR). John Rebardo contributed with an over the fence home run. Other team members were Floyd Williams, John Iorio, Ray Pierce, Linwood Manning, Bob Buchanan. Ed Krisha pitched all four games mixing up his three pitches — paralyzer, terminator, & constipator.

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