Gilchrist resident calls for more reflectors to make golf cart paths safer at night

A Village of Gilchrist resident has called for more reflectors to make golf cart paths safer at night.

Gary Mau raised his concerns Monday morning before the Project Wide Advisory Committee.

He said he flew fighter jets in the military.

“It’s scarier to drive a golf cart at night in The Villages,” he said.

He offered a nod to Community Development District 2 which recently put down a painted line on the multi-modal path within its borders.

However, he said the real lifeline for golf cart drivers at night are the reflectors.

Reflectors are in the center of the multi-modal path near the Caroline tunnel.

“They will last forever,” he said, noting that paint can wear and fade.

He called for more reflectors to be put down, in particular on the path along Buena Vista Boulevard south of County Road 466A.

PWAC member Jerry Vicenti said the group has wrestled at length with the topic of striping and marking the multi-modal paths.

“It was a hot and heavy subject for a long time,” Vicenti said.

He added that the reflectors are dangerous to walkers and bicyclists who also use the paths

Steve Brown, a Community Development District 9 supervisor who serves on PWAC, said he’s “personally” in favor of striping.

“But not everybody is. It’s a money issue,” Brown said.

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