Grandson arrested after crashing grandmother’s car and leaving scene of accident

Raymond Francis Hertzfeld III

A 30-year-old grandson was arrested after crashing his grandmother’s car and leaving the scene of an accident.

Raymond Francis Hertzfeld III was booked Tuesday night at the Lake County Jail on charges of hit and run and driving while license suspended. Bond was set at $5,500.

The Florida Highway Patrol had been called to investigate damage to a fence on Grays Airport Road. About that time, FHP was contacted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office indicating a woman who lives on Caroline Avenue in Lady Lake reported that there was damage to her purple Hyundai Elantra. The car had small pieces of wood on both its interior and exterior.

Hertzfeld confessed he had been driving the vehicle during a cigarette run. He admitted he had not been paying attention, drove off the road and hit a fence. He had suffered an injury to his hand and was taken to Leesburg Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

In 2015, Hertzfeld had been sentenced to 36 months probation after stealing guns from his grandfather to feed his drug habit. Later that same year, Hertzfeld was arrested in an attack on his wife.

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