Hall of Fame bowler Pete Weber takes lead at PBA50 National Championship at Spanish Springs Lanes

Familiar names occupy the top three spots after two days of qualifying in the PBA50 National Championship at Spanish Springs Lanes.

After six more games of qualifying Thursday, Hall of Fame bowler Pete Weber blitzed the “C” squad to move to +371 based on a par of 200 to take the lead.

Second–place belongs to crowd favorite George Gomez, who is a regular at monthly tournaments at Fiesta Bowl, who moved to +345 bowling on the “A” squad.

Hall of Fame bowler Pete Weber

In third-place is another familiar name.

Former Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher John Burkett moved to +315 on the “C” squad.

The top eight bowlers in the standings were either on the “C” or the “A” squads.

Of the top 14, only one bowler was from the “B” squad.

Mark Williams was ninth with a +249.

Wednesday’s leader Brian Kretzer dropped to 10th with a +246.

Weber was in seventh-place following the first round.

After Friday’s games, the top 32 will advance to match-play.

Currently, Rich Garner is 32nd with a score of +163 and Eddie Graham is on the bubble in 33rd with a score of +149.

Other top names and their scores are John Petraglia (+213), Lennie Boresch, Jr., (+211), Amleto Monacellli (+183), Bob Learn, Jr., (+99) and Parker Bohn III (+86).

Scores from local area bowlers include Norm Duke (Clermont, +283), Mark Scime (Winter Garden, +232), Walter Ray Williams, Jr., (Oxford, +168), Doug Becker (Clermont, +130), Larry Gross (Ocala, -10), John Pullen (Summerfield, -20), Nick Panicaro (Ocala, -66), Rick Pittman (Fruitland Park, -89), Chuck Richardson (The Villages, -102), Rich Giragosian (The Villages, -118), Dave Van Riet (Summerfield, -133), Joe Fulner III (Belleview, -198), Dave Schultz (Summerfield, -327) and Bob Chamberlain (The Villages -338).

The third and final day of qualifying is scheduled for six games Friday at Spanish Springs Lanes.

The “C” squad is scheduled for 9 a.m., the “A” squad for 1 p.m. and the “B” squad for 5 p.m.

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