Have the homeowners turn on their sprinklers

To the Editor:

After touring The Villages golf courses, I noticed a lot of water on most courses. Also noticed the water sprinkles on to help reduce the water in the ponds.
I have an idea to help reduce the water levels. Have the homeowners turn on their sprinklers. Give them free water for a few days and this should accelerate reducing pond water levels.

Art McCartin
Village of LaBelle North


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  1. Claudette Catanese says

    Can anyone tell me why this letter is posted on the 9/14/17 Villages News yet there are comments posted on 9/13/17? How can you post to something that doesn’t appear in your email till the next day?

      • LiZa Adkison says

        Ann (and Claudette), i thought i did reply to you on this, perhaps i was a little fuzzy in my explanation, will try again… in the initial email, for the day, subjects will be added, DURING the day.. on the right side, with just black lettering>>>no pictures… one can open them up and make comments… then the NEXT day, they will appear in the CENTER, with pictures, as a “featured” thread… any comments made the day before are there… clear as mud??? hope you also did not lose power… had no idea some homes here did… carry on>>> and to Claudette, i STILL don’t believe you are 80+>>> you are MUCH too sharp… want to know what vitamins you take, and any other secrets!!!

    • dan hopwood says

      Claudette, I think the letters are first posted on Villages News’ website, but may not be on the daily news email for several days. Some of the comments are posted before the letter reaches the email.

  2. Tom Clark says

    Here’s the correct answer;

    1. Water from sewerage is treated and is used in some common areas and Golf courses

    2 Retention pond waters are also used the same way

    3. Residentional irrigation water north of 466 is potable water

    4. Residential irrigation south of 466 is untreated aquifer water and is non-potable.

    If you call the water dept they will tell you the same thing

  3. Sherry Alexander says

    With all the water and rain we have received, EVERYONE’S sprinkler system should be off for at least a week depending on any future rain. There is no need to water anything at your home right now.

  4. Brent Clarke says

    Homeowner sprinklers won’t help one bit and would actually hurt the problem since there would be run off. Particularly north of 466 where irrigation is done with potable water.

  5. Bob Miller says

    Watering your lawn will not help lower the ponds. Our irrigation water does not use pond water. (Don’t believe it uses sewer waste water either. It comes from an aquifer but is not potable because it is not processed like our drinking water.

  6. Michael N. Callen says

    The recycled water that is used in the residential sprinklers comes from the waste water plant. The water for the golf courses comes from the retention ponds. I believe they are two different systems.

    • Jim Tuccillo says

      The water for residential irrigation does not come from the waste water plant. It comes from retention ponds and other sources. The golf courses are irrigated with water from the waste water treatment plants and other sources.

        • Jim Tuccillo says

          No reclaimed water from the water treatment plants is used for residential irrigation. Reclaimed water from the water treatment plants is used om the golf courses. This comes directly from the CDD.

          • Myles VanDuzer says

            Then, how come when I bought my second home here. When I specifically asked the salesperson. They said it was reclaimed, it wasn’t volunteered info.
            PS no matter where you live in America, the golf courses use pond waters with pump houses to save money watering!

        • LiZa Adkison says

          i guessing Mr Callen is correct… all i KNOW is it sure SMELLS like re-claimed water… and, all the weeks in august that my system was off, i manually turned it on to get the stench out, just for a couple of minutes… it is soooo bad, i’m afraid of methane gas build-up

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