Husband and wife score holes-in-one during month of December

Cecilia Kelley

When Cecilia Kelley recorded her fifth hole-in-one Dec. 8 on the fourth hole of the Pimlico Executive Course, it gave her supreme bragging rights at her home in the Village of Summerhill.

You see at the time, her husband Don had yet to make a hole-in-one of his own.

No matter how good of a sport Cecilia is, if you are or have been married, you have to know Don heard about his lack of a hole-in-one as his wife added to her total. The closest Don had come was two-feet from the pin.

But less than a week after Cecilia added her fifth ace, Don cut into the margin when he holed the ninth hole on the Saddlebrook Course on Dec. 16.

“I still have a long way to go to catch up to her,” Don said. “There’s not much hope of me doing that.”

Cecilia said she tries not to rub her number of holes-in-one in.

Don Kelley

“I try not to. I am very blessed to have my five holes-in-one and to have my husband,” Cecilia said. “He is the first person I tell when I get one. I guess that is why we have been married for 48 years.”

In fact, Cecilia offers an excuse for her husband.

“He just had a knee replacement and he finally is feeling good,” she said.

Both of Kelley’s began playing golf about six years ago.

They have lived in The Villages for 15 years.

Don agreed that Cecilia doesn’t rub her golfing exploits in, but her accomplishments do serve a purpose.

“It keeps her from having to listen to my advice,” Don said. “Why would she listen to me?’

Both the Kelleys said they play about three or four times a week.

At that rate, Don is going to have to get on a torrid hot streak if he wants to be the leader of aces at his house.

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