It’s guys vs. gals in the friendly ‘Divas vs. Divos’ singing competition

“Divas vs. Divos” is something like the Yankees vs. Red Sox. Only instead of a baseball diamond, this heated competition takes place on the Savannah Center stage, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

Dawn DiNome, left, and Sue Schuler team up to lead the Divas.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that Sue Schuler will lead the women singers against the guys.

“The audiences seem to really enjoy this format, which is why we are back for a fourth year,” said Schuler, who will team with Dawn DiNome. The vocal tag-team of Clark Barrios and Alex Scopino represents the fellas.

In 2017, Mother Nature nearly topped both sides.

Clark Barrios is ready to battle the Divas in song.

“Last year we weren’t even sure that we would make it to the stage because the electricity was still off from the hurricane,” Schuler said. “The lights came back on a few hours before the show, and people still came out to see it.”

Schuler describes the format this way: “We run this show like a game show, with head-to-head challenges. One team will pick a category (blind pick) and they must sing their song while the other team decides which one of their two songs can beat that one.

Alex Scopino sings for the Divos in a past show.

“They then go up and sing and do everything to win over the audience. The audience will choose the winner of each round based on their applause. The show is not scripted – it is totally improv and that’s why we have fun with it. We’re all good friends and this is good, friendly competition.”

In addition to the four singers, a guest group also makes an appearance. This year it is the Shaka Crew Dance Company. Violet Ray leads the Crew dancers, which every Halloween offers its annual “Thriller” zombie dance.

Spooky Shaka Crew dancers will appear at the ‘Divas vs. Divos’ show on Sept. 17 at Savannah Center.
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