Judge Kavanaugh looks good on ‘paper’

To the Editor:

Wednesday’s Villages-News.com included a letter regarding the recent nomination by President Trump of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice to replace the retiring Justice Kennedy (“Democrats Will Stop at Nothing to Destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s Reputation”). I fear that the writer failed to listen to the first words out of Judge Kavanaugh’s mouth on Monday night which, from the point of view of this 77-year-old retired attorney, “hoists him on his own petard,” to borrow from William Shakespeare. Despite all of his “paper” credentials, Judge Kavanaugh said, and I quote: “Throughout this process, I have witnessed, first hand, your [Pres. Trump’s] appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary.” This is praise for the same man who excoriated U.S. District Judge James Robart who blocked Trump’s Muslim travel ban and to whom he referred as a “so-called” judge; and who excoriated U.S. District Judge William Orrick who blocked the Trump administration from withholding federal funds to “sanctuary” jurisdictions, and to whom he referred as a “so-called” judge; and who excoriated U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel who refused to recuse himself in an alleged fraud case against Trump University as Mr. Trump asserted that his Mexican-American heritage constituted an “absolute conflict of interest,” and I assume that Mr. Trump also considered him to be a “so-called” Judge. And did I mention that Mr. Trump referred to Chief Justice John Roberts as an “absolute disaster” because he wrote the majority opinion upholding portions of ObamaCare? Frankly, I must agree that Judge Kavanaugh’s “paper” credentials appear to make him an ideal candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court. But his opening remarks on Monday night prove to me that he is either one of the most naïve and malleable and sycophantic human beings on the planet, or he has a serious short-term memory problem. In my mind, his own remarks disqualify him from consideration as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Daniel Andrews
Village of Winifred

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