Language loosened to allow Villagers to install generators in wake of Hurricane Irma

More Villagers are eager to install generators in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Irma.

But there has been frustration.

Robert Davie of the Village of De La Vista North is among those who has been convinced to get a generator after the massive storm this past September left many Villagers without power for several days.

“I have been working on this generator since September, after the hurricane. Now it’s January. I want to get it done,” Davie said.

His effort has been stymied by language in the Architectural Review Manual.

Because of the number of requests for generators put to the Architectural Review Committee, community development districts in The Villages are revising their Architectural Review Manuals to allow homeowners to put generators near their air conditioning units and pool equipment. The change allows the generators to be placed within two feet of the property line.

Community Development District 1, where Davie lives, was among the first to adopt the change to the Architectural Review Manual.

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