Magician Cesar Domico offers magic show unlike any other

Magician Cesar Domico wows audiences with hypnosis and techniques he's mastered over a lifetime
Magician Cesar Domico wows audiences with hypnosis and techniques he’s mastered over a lifetime

At the early age of 7, Cesar Domico knew he wanted to take the stage and wow audiences with magic. “I saw a magician doing a couple of tricks. What made the biggest impression on me was the tricks I saw and how excited my friends were because of those tricks,” said Domico of the first show he ever witnessed live. It was after that day that he, like all magicians, began the lifelong journey of mastering the techniques to shock and amaze spectators.

And like many who dream of performing on the big stage, he faced trials and tribulations from family and friends. They questioned if he could make a living and support a family doing what he loved. “When I was around 8 or 9…my grandmother asked me to perform in one of her celebrations at the end of the year in front of kids and their parents. She was the one that did it for me” said Domico of the impetus that got him going. After seeing the first magician, he began playing with coins, and then began reading books, something he says every beginning magician should do to master techniques.

Only a few short years later, Domico was performing for his schoolmates and teachers, impressing all and cementing himself as a talented young magician. “This is not only my passion, it’s the way I make my living” said Domico in reference to the concerns of his family. “They are really proud and really like it now. They push me for more!”

His talents were not developed overnight, however. It took years to master the techniques, and that was only the first step. “First you have to master the techniques. Then you have to develop a presentation of those techniques. Then you have to train every day – every day you have to learn something new,” said Domico of the lifelong commitment he’s made to the craft.

After a successful career abroad which included television appearances and large productions, Cesar left his home in Colombia and arrived in America 12 years ago without knowing English and without having a name here. He had to start over from scratch, develop his fluency in the language and perfect his talents enough to once again star in the “Vegas” style shows he was accustomed to for large audiences. “I’m not a classic magician. I work very hard to combine magic, techniques, tricks, and to involve the audience in every minute of the show” said Cesar of his efforts.

His show, unlike most magic shows, features a combination of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and comedy, all with a foundation in the magic everyone is familiar with – i.e., card tricks and illusions. “The tricks are different, most of which I have invented myself. [The audience will always] see something totally different! They’ll see comedy magic with a touch of hypnosis!”

Cesar Domico will be performing at the Mount Dora Community Building located at 520 N Baker St in Mount Dora on January 11 (4:00 PM & 8:00 PM) and January 12 (4:00 PM). To purchase tickets, visit

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