Man banned from swimming pool in The Villages after young visitors report feeling ‘uncomfortable’

A 48-year-old man has been banned from a swimming pool in The Villages after young visitors reported he made them feel “uncomfortable.”

Lady Lake police responded last week to the pool at Paradise Recreation Center where a New Jersey woman reported that her 20-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son had been approached by the man on more than one occasion since Aug. 4.

The young visitors said the man appeared to be “friendly in nature,” but things “quickly became awkward and uncomfortable,” according to an incident report from the police department.

The man told the visitors “personal information about himself” and told them he was “staying in his father’s house near Silver Lake and will be alone for a few days while his father travels.” The man also asked them “a lot of questions about themselves” and asked them where their parents were. The man invited them to hang out at a secluded hot tub. On one occasion, when the visitors felt so uncomfortable that they felt they had to leave, the man asked them when they would be at the pool again so he could meet them. They noted the man had come to the pool in a white golf cart with sliding glass doors and a maroon bottom.

A police officer went to the man’s home, where he told the officer he had talked to the visitors, but claimed “he was just being friendly.”

The man has been trespassed from the pool at the request of The Villages Recreation Department.

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