Man who violated Ohio order of protection ordered into treatment after attack in The Villages

Jeremy Horton

A man who violated an Ohio order of protection earlier this year has been ordered into treatment following an attack on his father in The Villages.

Jeremy Horton, 31, was arrested May 21 on charges of battery and contempt of court following the attack at a home in the Village of Dunedin. Horton struck his father multiple times in the torso area and pushed him in the chest, causing him to hit his head on a door frame, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy found that the father had obtained an order of protection in Medina County, Ohio. The order does not expire until 2020.

Horton had been living “as a family” with his father at the home in The Villages in violation of the order of protection, the report said. At the time of his arrest, Horton admitted to an alcohol problem.

He spent eight days in the Sumter County Detention Center before his $5,000 bond was posted May 29.

Last month in Sumter County Court, Horton entered into a pre-trial intervention contract. It calls for him to get an alcohol evaluation, seek recommended treatment, refrain from consuming alcohol and submit to random screening. He is also required to complete an 8-hour anger management class and have no violent contact with his father. If he successfully completes the terms of the contract, the case will be dismissed.

In 2013 in Valley City, Ohio, Horton had been arrested after a traffic stop. He took a breath test that showed he had a blood alcohol level of .197. In 2015, Horton had been arrested after making threats to a resident in Liverpool Township, Ohio.

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