Marion County sheriff’s deputy crashes while responding to emergency call

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy was involved in a crash early Tuesday night while responding to an emergency call.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, Deputy Joseph Soucey, 25, was heading south at about 6 p.m. on SW 140th Avenue in his marked 2011 Ford Crown Victoria patrol car when he failed to slow down or stop in time to avoid traveling into a lane of traffic occupied by another vehicle at the intersection of County Road 484.

Seconds later, the front end of a 2003 Suzuki driven by 45-year-old Margaret Segarra, of Ocala, struck the left side of Soucey’s patrol car, the report says, adding that she didn’t have time to avoid the collision.

After the crash, Soucey’s vehicle rotated and came to rest obstructing the westbound lane of CR 484. Segarra’s vehicle left the roadway and came to rest on the north grass shoulder after striking a residential fence.

Soucey was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. Segarra and her passenger, 47-year-old Jose Segarra-Moreno, also of Ocala, suffered minor injuries and were taken to West Marion Community Hospital.

The report makes note that the roads were wet because of intermittent rain throughout the day and states that everyone involved in the crash was wearing seatbelts. It also says the investigation is ongoing.

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