Moderate Republicans should follow George Will’s advice and vote for Democrats

Scott Fenstermaker

I am sickened by the fact that our grandkids have to go through active-shooter drills at their schools. Responsibility for the carnage that has made such drills necessary rests, in large part, with the NRA, which has fought any attempt at common-sense gun controls, and with the flunky politicians who take the NRA’s money and do its bidding. In the next election, we have a chance to do something about both.

Here is a video of our state senator, Dennis Baxley. I will let the senator’s words speak for themselves, as he equates AR-15 rifles with spoons: 

In addition to opposing any kind of sensible gun-control legislation, Baxley has taken positions on other issues that are so extreme that most people would consider them to be off-the-wall.

Baxley is running against a moderate Democrat, Gary McKechnie, a small business owner and an author.

It is time for moderate Republicans, like myself, to follow George Will’s advice and vote for Democrats (unless they are extreme leftists) in the next election. Apparently, that is the only way to return the Republican Party to its senses in the age of Trump.

A good way to start would be to allow our state senator, Dennis Baxley, to return full time to burying bodies as a funeral director instead of creating more bodies to bury as a state senator who opposes common-sense gun controls.

Scott Fenstermaker is a resident of the Village of Winifred.

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