Obstruction of justice

To the Editor:

I’ve watched this for months. The Right has screamed obstruction of justice, among many other things, over actions purported to have been taken – or not taken when they should have been –  by Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, and higher up by former AGs Holder and Lynch and former president Obama and failed annointee Clinton. The Left has retorted hotly that, among many other things,  no charges have been laid and that the Right, and that horrible president Trump, should stop destroying the FBI and DOJ with false accusations and unjustified firings. Fake News they called it. Beyond nasty to impugn those loyal civil servants who were just doing their jobs.
Well, Mueller continues to suck air in investigating Russian collusion with Trump, so he’s going even further off the reservation and beyond his legal scope. Might even get Rosenstein in trouble for not reigning him back into the authorized scope of  his investigation. McCabe has spoken. Lynch has spoken. And now Comey has laid it out – the manipulation and obstruction that he undertook “on our behalf”… to protect the presumed incoming president.
It’s getting harder and harder for the Lefties in here to even bother crying Fake News. These folks are painting the picture clearly enough now. Just just imagine how ugly the picture would be if the lame stream media were actually subjecting them to the same scrutiny and vitriol that they use to attack the Right. But, even without good investigative reporting by the media, enough is coming out to paint the picture clearly.
I think it will be interesting to see how Mueller sings when the DOJ investigation under Huber starts to close in on the Uranium One scandal and we see openly how he was involved in not reporting/covering up. After all, he was the FBI Director when that went down, and Comey, McCabe, Strzak etc. are all his proteges as politically tainted manipulators and obstructors.
Fake News just did rear its ugly head in reality this past Friday when none other than that paragon of virtue and accuracy and good leadership – the always accurate and totally believable Nancy Pelosi  herself – announced to the Dems that the Dem. Caucus needed more money because Mueller had been FIRED. A day after Trump put in writing that he was not going to fire him… at least not just yet. But, what are facts to a good politician like Pelosi. Didn’t see any of the usual Lefties in here decrying Pelosi for her Fake News.

David Jones
Village of Hemingway

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