Ocala woman nabbed on outstanding warrant after violent battle with sheriff’s deputy

Sylvia Faith Folsom

An Ocala woman was arrested last week as a Marion County sheriff’s deputy was conducting a follow-up on a prior case.

The deputy responded to a location in the 1800 block of Pine Avenue, where he spotted 22-year-old Sylvia Faith Folsom talking on a phone. The deputy told Folsom to hang up but she responded by saying “she was not going to jail and that law enforcement would have to pepper spray or deploy a taser on her,” a sheriff’s office report says.

The deputy told Folsom that he had to take her into custody and when he approached her, she pulled away and allegedly started to strike him in the face and chest as he was “gaining control” of her left arm, the report says, adding that the deputy then took Folsom down on a couch and secured her in handcuffs.

Folsom was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with battery on an officer and failure to appear in drug court per the warrant. She was held on $5,000 bond on the battery charge and no bond on the failure to appear charge. She is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 4 at 9 a.m. to answer to the battery charge.

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