Ocklawaha man arrested after deputies watch violent attack on woman’s cell phone

Edward George Faford

Marion County deputies arrested an Ocklawaha man Sunday afternoon after an argument with a woman over a set of shed keys turned violent and was recorded on a cell phone.

The woman, who had taken refuge at a residence on SE 183rd Avenue Road, told deputies that 53-year-old Edward George Faford was being aggressive so she started recording him on her cell phone. The woman also said that Faford slapped her face two times, which she said was captured on her phone.

A deputy watched four videos of the altercation, all of which showed Curtis “being verbally aggressive” toward the woman, a sheriff’s office report states. The deputy also noted that two of the videos showed Faford reach toward the woman with his hand, “then audio of what appears to be a hit, and the video stops.” The deputy also said the woman had a blood blister on the inside of the right side of her lower lip.

A short time later, deputies responded to the home on SE 90th Lane where the incident took place. Faford claimed he didn’t hit the woman, saying that in the video he is reaching for keys she had in her hand “and she pulled away, hitting herself in the mouth with her phone,” the report says.

Faford was taken into custody, transported to the Marion County Jail, charged with battery and held on $250 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 30 at 8 a.m.

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