An open letter to NRA and gun owners

To the Editor:

I offer two scenarios concerning assault rifle ownership:
1. This letter is for those of you that claim that you need this assault rifle for home protection. So your home is protected – Do you keep your assault rifle, and all firearms, locked up, with a combination lock?  Or key lock? Now your home is not protected, because any home invasion could come about instantaneously, and trying to work a combination lock, or fumbling for a key, is valuable time that you would not have.
2. Leaving your firearms, especially the assault rifle, in a place that is not secure, could leave you at risk of being robbed of your assault rifle, and terrible tragedies could occur. You most certainly would not want to be involved with either of these two scenarios.
Some people say: “It is not a assault rifle.” But many students, and general public, have been assaulted with this type weapon.
You say:  “It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the shooter.” Here’s the equation: Shooter + Rifle = Shots fired. Take away either one, and the  equation is incomplete.
Now you say: “Well, if he can’t get a gun, he would use something else.” We would just deal with “something else” should it ever happen. The weapon of choice for disturbed individuals, nowadays, is the assault rifle, because of its availability, rapid fire, and high capacity magazines.
I am calling on all assault rifle owners, and especially the NRA, to use common sense, and call for a complete BAN on the FUTURE manufacture, and future sales, of all assault rifles. Stop these killings.  You have the power to do what should be done. Call your  Congress person, or persons, and persuade them to do this. This will not affect your Second Amendment rights, as wording of the Second Amendment did not change with the manufacture and sales of assault rifles to the general public. No one would be taking your guns and rifles. The crazies shopping for assault rifles just would not find them anymore in gun shops. So keep yours locked up!

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake

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