President Trump is unifying America

John Shewchuk

Whether you are politically aligned or not, President Trump is unifying America more than any other president. Why? There are now more people working than ever before. As a result, the economy is at an all time high with more job opportunities and better wages.
Regardless of your political party, people are now more unified as productive members of our prosperous society. We all are engaged in making America greater than ever before. More than ever, Americans have a purpose in life. A purpose based on a growing feeling of self-worth and pride in being part of the greatest economy the world has ever seen. Taxes are down, savings are going up, and Americans are feeling good.
Through President Trump’s leadership, America has finally achieved both industrial and energy independence, which are essential to economic prosperity and national security. Theses two alone will guarantee Trump’s legacy as a great president, but there’s more. Even though he’s always focused on his “America first” policies, he has also been extraordinarily successful in cultivating world peace. He has tamed North Korea, destroyed the ISIS Caliphate, and significantly curtailed Iran’s nuclear and terrorist ambitions.
The world is safer, America is safer, and our people are now more free than ever to live the American dream. This is a great time to be a legal citizen of the Unites States of America.

John Shewchuk is a resident of the Village of Calumet Grove.

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