Recently released inmate arrested in snatching of woman’s purse at Lake Sumter Landing

Ryan Tyler Pierce

A recently released inmate has been arrested in the snatching of a woman’s purse at Lake Sumter Landing.

The woman had been walking to her golf cart shortly before 10 p.m. May 3 after getting off work at a business on Old Mill Run, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was loading items into the golf cart when a car pulled up, a man jumped out and he stole her purse. The turquoise purse contained her Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and a wallet.

Deputies were able to obtain surveillance footage and discovered the car’s license plate number. The 1996 Buick was tracked last week to a residence in Wildwood on NE 31st Lane, south of the Village of Fenney.

Ryan Tyler Pierce, 21, admitted to stealing the purse.

The New York native said that he had recently been released from jail in Georgia and did not have any money. He looked for cash in the wallet, but only found $1. He threw all of the other items in the garbage.

He was arrested on a charge of grand theft and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center. Bond was set at $2,000.

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