Santo Domingo man convicted of seventh DUI back in jail after violating probation

Keith Van Zandt Leeper

A Village of Santo Domingo man convicted last year of his seventh DUI is back behind bars after violating his probation.

Keith Van Zandt Leeper, 52, of 1112 Dario Court, was being held this weekend without bond at the Sumter County Detention Center.

Leeper had been stopped in April near the Boone Gate on the Historic Side of The Villages after his van was spotted swerving on U.S. Hwy. 27/441. An empty pint of Skol Vodka was found in the center console of the vehicle. He was unable to perform field sobriety exercises, refused to provide a breath sample and fell asleep in a holding cell. The police officer discovered that Leeper had six prior DUI convictions, some in Pennsylvania and others in Georgia.

This past August, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail with credit for 140 days already served. He has been placed on probation for four years and ordered not to consume or possess alcohol. His driver’s license has been permanently revoked.

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