Seniors vs. Crime warning residents about ‘Apple iCloud’ scam phone calls

Seniors vs. Crime is warning residents about “Apple iCloud” scam phone calls which are reportedly being received.

The script goes something like this:

“This is Apple calling to tell you that your iCloud account may have been breached. Please press “1” for an Apple representative or call us back at (call back number left).”
After pressing “1,” a foreign-sounding man says, “This is Apple Support….. “

A Seniors vs. Crime volunteer received the call and asked the caller to provide some information to verify that he was actually from Apple. The Seniors vs. Crime volunteer also asked why the number the man was calling from showed an area code of 352 (Central Florida). The man spewed a few invectives and hung up.

The Seniors vs. Crime volunteer received six calls, all coming from different numbers. If you do not pick up, they leave the “Apple message.”

“Do not fall for this scam,” warns Seniors vs. Crime.

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