Some Villages residents to see shift in trash collection due to Thanksgiving

The Villages District Office has released the following information about trash collection schedules impacted by the Thanksgiving holiday.

Village Community Development Districts 1-11
If you live in Village Community Development Districts 1-11 in the Sumter County, Marion County or Fruitland Park portions of The Villages, there will not be sanitation collection on Thursday, Nov. 22. For those with Thursday trash and/or recycling, collection will occur on Saturday, Nov. 24. Have your bags out no later than 6 a.m.  All others will follow your normal collection schedule. 

Village Community Development District 12 
If your sanitation collection is serviced by Waste Management in Community Development District 12, you will not have sanitation collection service on Thursday, Nov. 23. Collection will occur on your next normally scheduled collection day. 

Lake County portion of The Villages

If you live in the Lake County portion of The Villages, please contact Lake County Solid Waste at (352) 343-3776 for information on your sanitation schedule.  If you live in the Lady Lake portion of The Villages, contact Waste Management at (352) 787-4416 for additional information.  

For additional information, click on the following link:  Sanitation Collection Information

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