Women armed with gun, camera confront would-be burglar at residence

Christopher A. Stone

A Summerfield man was arrested Thursday after breaking into a Belleview home and then fleeing into a nearby woods when confronted by the homeowner and her armed sister, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

Christopher A. Stone, 42, was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and larceny. He was booked into Marion County Jail and held on a $12,000 bond.

According to the report, the female homeowner saw that a window was broken when she arrived at her home in the 3400 block of SE 115th Street in Belleview. She called her sister, who arrived with a firearm for protection, the report states.
The women then ordered Stone to come out of the house and took photos of him, the report says. Stone told the women that he had chased someone into the house who had stolen his dirt bike, then grabbed his bookbag and ran into a nearby woods.

A short time later, a sheriff’s K-9 dog apprehended Stone, who then told deputies that he was angry at another man who shot at him. He said he changed into camouflage clothing so that he wouldn’t be detected while pursuing the man, the report says.

Stone told deputies that he chased the man into the laundry room of the Belleview home before the man broke a window and left the house. That’s when he heard the homeowner and her sister talking and came out of the home, he told deputies.

Stone also told deputies that a brooch valued at $10 that was found in his pocket “must have fallen in when he was climbing over the victim’s property inside the laundry room.”

Multiple jewelry items valued at $1,000 also were found inside a pillowcase in the home after Stone ran into the woods, the report says.

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